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The business case.

Select a spokesperson to explain your products and services, to train, to welcome new clients, or any number of creative possibilities, all while saving time and costs.

What makes us human is that we love to tell stories. Why not choose to tell those stories in a professional, authentic, and polished way?

Whatever your story, together, we’ll find the right person and the right way to tell it.


Humans and Google love video.
Use embedded video on your site to make your content up to 50 times more relevant for search engines.

Research shows that 72% of customers prefer learning about a product or service by way of video and that 88% of video marketers report that video gives them a positive ROI.

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How to write a great script?

Grab the attention. Follow up with context, and finish with a conclusion. Write like you speak and keep it short.

How to choose an actor?

Finding the perfect actor to tell your story is all about credibility. Ask yourself what you want to achieve? Envision the target audience as a single person. Who is this person? What does he/she do on a regular day, where do they work or hang out? It helps you to make an imaginative leap into the mind of your target audience.

When do I get my videos?

After choosing your actor and uploading your script, our team will make contact to answer any further questions. After approval of the script and fulfilling the payment, we immediately start work on producing your videos in our Amsterdam studio. Leave the work to us; you'll receive your videos within a week.