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Tjalp is an online video platform where you hire spokespeople to tell your stories. After choosing an actor and uploading your script, we produce your videos in our Amsterdam studios, saving you the headache of hiring light, camera, and the rest of the action. Let us do the work, and receive your high-quality videos within a week.

Authentic storytelling.

It all started with our boutique advertising agency KoekepeerOver the years, we produced numerous campaigns for international brands. The one thing they all had in common? They were always authentic. We recognized the growing demand for genuine and authentic video content.

We are all unique, and everyone has a novel story to tell, and those stories are where things really get interesting. At Koekepeer, we want to tell those stories. No, wait, not just tell them, but show and tell stories that you can truly feel.

We created a team of inspiring and talented people to create what we love most: Translating stories into amazing videos.

An idea was born.

As creatives, our ideas never cease. One typically rainy day in Amsterdam, a new idea came to life: what if we helped companies to tell their stories, in a fast and easy new way? Just a simple message, delivered in a high-end format, by a professional spokesperson.

Because let’s be honest, your story is unique, but not everyone has the skills (or the time) to tell it themselves. Let alone the equipment.

The power of talented connections.

We are incredibly lucky with our multidisciplinary team and the extensive network of talented and inspiring people we work with. Every skill you could imagine: either we have it in-house or can be added within the blink of an eye. We decided to share this incredible power, and Tjalp was born. Our mission is to deliver high-impact video content, simply told, and at a fraction of the costs of traditional methods. That’s why we Tjalp!

We'd love to meet you. In the neighborhood of Amsterdam? Come by for a cup of coffee.

Seán Walsh – founder of Tjalp

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