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Judie is an experienced actor specialised in accents and dialects, experienced in stage, film and commercials. She was trained in LA, and has the ability to convey formal as well as informal messages convincingly. 

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Your corporate spokesperson.

  • Native Dutch speaker, fluent in English
  • Lived in California for 6 years
  • Graduated at The American Academy of Dramatic Arts in Los Angeles
  • Comedy training at the Actors Comedy Studio in LA
  • Trained in voice and speech with the phonetic alphabet: IPA. Also using accents and dialects such as German, Dutch, American, the New York accent, Californian accent, British, Cockney, Northern Irish and Southern American accents like Missisippi and Texas
  • Played several roles as a professional actor on stage, in film and commercials and as a voice over for company movies

Judie is an experienced voice actor and has the ability to convey formal as well as informal messages convincingly.

Funfact: besides acting, Judie is also a filmmaker, a singer (mezzo-soprano) and plays the acoustic guitar. But that’s not all, she also practices stage fighting, Krav Maga, fencing and dancing!
Brief Judie

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