Casting the perfect spokesperson

23 June 2020
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The casting process for marketing videos has often more to do with a certain look and feel. You're going to create, explain and ultimately convince, so you're not really in need of an actor who can recite Shakespeare. You want someone natural, who could be a real costumer of yours. You're looking for someone with a great charismatic energy and who speaks the way your company and customers speak. Someone who makes audiences feel at ease, without the feeling that they're being sold something.

What to look for when you cast your actor or spokesperson

The most important thing to consider is whether or not the actor you pick, can be your customer avatar. You want to create the ideal customer experience with an actual use-case for your service.
Create a persona, a certain type of your ideal customer and try to look for an actor that matches this persona. Is this a man or a woman? Should he or she have a corporate vibe or casual?

Representation is key, so make sure every single customer of any demographic can visualize themselves with your product or service. This will lower the bar of convincing them to buy it.

The dont’s in casting 

Don’t cast an attractive actor just because they look good on screen. We know your product or service is fantastic, but you need a clear message, not a sexy lady who can’t act. That’s why we at Tjalp provide a very wide variety of the best actors, regardless of how they look.

Don’t write someone off just because they don’t really look like the picture you had in your head. Casting is not only a gut feeling, it’s really knowing what you need and who can deliver.

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