What is the perfect video length?

24 June 2020
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We know you love what you do, so do we. We could talk about our work for hours and hours and then a little more, but when you want to keep your audience engaged and avoid them clicking away, you have to keep it short.

Adapt and focus

Our attention span is narrowing as we speak and will continue to do so. It’s ok; we can’t help it, content in the online world keeps increasing in volume, which wears out our attention and at the same time, our desire for newness causes us to switch between topics more frequently and diversely. So we have to adapt, we need to focus more on the essentials, in less time.

“Kill your darlings.

– Tjalp. 

Trust us; it’s possible to fit your message in one minute and still be effective. Just stick to an average of 125 words, and you’re good to go.

Keep in mind, if you are too elaborate on the thing you love: you kill your darlings.

How long is too long? 

Of course another 6-second cat video on Instagram is perfectly fine, but if you’re discussing a complicated issue it should be longer. Important to keep in mind is that the rule of thumb is to keep most videos between 30 seconds and 1 minute, but the optimal length for your video depends on where you share it.

Your video should be as long as your content will support – to tell your story and achieve your goals. Not a second longer, but not a second shorter, either.

Your story is worth it, so if your storytelling is done right, the audience will keep watching.

How to get Google to love you

Always wanted a deep and meaningful relationship with Google? You’re in the right place because Google loves video content. We all want a high rank in search engines and excellent visibility, so why not get in the game and be rewarded by Google right now?

How it works: videos allow you to increase the time spent by visitors on your website. Therefore, more prolonged exposure builds trust and, at the same time, signals search engines (like Google) that your site has excellent content.

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