Why do you need to hire a spokesperson?

1 July 2020
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Don’t shoot the messenger!

Ever hear the saying ‘Right message, wrong messenger’? Companies run into this all the time. Sometimes faces change, and you have to reshoot new videos, sometimes the message comes across more powerfully when it comes from a neutral face.

Whatever the circumstances, some people are simply better at bringing a message across than others. We’ve selected the best spokespeople to help you tell your story in your own way. So you keep your message and tone of voice your own but bump it up a notch with our expert storytellers. Who doesn’t want their story told by a professional?

Click here to find the right spokesperson to tell your story.

What makes a good spokesperson?

A good spokesperson must be (or at least seem) knowledgeable and trustworthy.  An effective spokesperson must have a wide knowledge of the organisation or product that he/she represents.

Our spokespeople know how to bring a message while showing clear knowledge of the subject. They are able to convey that knowledge into a tone and language suitable for the particular audience. Perhaps it’s a no-brainer: but enthusiasm is vital. Nobody wants to watch a sack of potatoes bringing a message, right?

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