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Are you up for a unique creative challenge, live in the neighborhood of Amsterdam, and available to record videos regularly? We want to get to know you better. Together, we can tell great stories, practice our presentation skills, and build a strong community of actors and creatives who earn extra money with those skills. Sound good? Let’s do this!

Tjalp. How you fit in.

Our platform enables freelance actors to earn money while making videos at flexible times.

Internal communication
Training, onboarding new colleagues, explaining product and services.
Actors earn a fixed fee of €150,- per 1-minute video, with an additional €25,- per 15 seconds.*

*All prices excl. VAT. Payment after client approval.

External communication
Explaining products and services, advertising etc.
Buy-out fee based on project and distribution

*Next to working for clients we also record a free introduction video to promote your work for Tjalp. You can also use this to promote yourself. 

Our studio.

The videos we produce are recorded in the Koekepeer studio at Eerste Atjehstraat 58A in Amsterdam. No worries, you won’t have to learn the script bij heart: we have an autocue ready for you.

The studio is a 5-minute walk from Muiderpoort train station. If traveling by car: there are usually enough open parking spaces on our street.

Who are you? Tell us more.

Reach out and tell us something about yourself. Feeling adventurous? Send us a short intro video from your smartphone. We love short videos [hint, hint] Tell us a little about yourself*


We love short videos

What our actors say.

Tjalp offers me the opportunity to earn money doing what I love most: storytelling and acting."


I love being part of a community of likeminded communication professionals."


I'm all about flexibility. The great thing about the Tjalp patform is that I can plan my own shoot."


The power of talented connections.

We are incredibly lucky with the team of talented people we work with. We started Tjalp with a group of befriended actors, spokespeople, and communication-specialists from our creative agency Koekepeer’s network. Our community is growing fast, and so too is the demand for effective video-content.
That’s the mission of Tjalp.
Tjalp Helps!

We look forward to working with you. Let's create some amazing work together.

Seán Walsh – founder of Tjalp