Tips & tricks

Let's Tjalp this thing together.

Great job, you’re taking your video marketing to the next level!

Video marketing explains everything your audience needs to know and so much more. Are you launching a new service or product? What better way to explain it than with video?

We understand it can feel overwhelming at first. So let’s break it down and start with a few tips & tricks to help you out. Don’t forget, we’re here for you and will happily guide you all along the way.

Heck yeah it does!

Ok, good, we’ve got the tone of voice you’re looking for. Now let’s move on to the storyline: writing your script. No worries, we’ve got your back there too. We are experts in the field of scriptwriting, so we’ve made it simple with a template script to guide you.

Roadmap to the perfect video.

Whether you’ve been using video marketing for decades or you’ve just stepped onto the scene, a reliable road map that outlines what it’s all for, where you’re heading, and how you measure your success, is essential.

We love working out road maps, so we’ve created a little guide to help you with yours:

  1. Define your goals
    For example brand awareness, engagement, increase sales, demand conversion
  2. Set a strategy
    For example, what story do you want to tell? What should your audience learn from your videos? Do you want to sell, engage, or perhaps inspire people?
  3. Who is your target audience?
    Who are those people, are they your employees, customers or your soon-to-be customers?
  4. What kind of video do you want to make?
    Think of the tone of voice and what kind of actor you’ll need to tell your story credibly and effectively. Whether your video will be used internally or outsourced plays a role in this as well.
  5. Where will you post your brand new video?
    For example, YouTube, LinkedIn, or other social media channels, inbound marketing campaigns, outbound email marketing campaigns, pages on your website like a blog, or your own sales reps.

And Tjalp is the answer.

Yes, even in a one minute video, you can use a cliffhanger to build curiosity. You want your viewer to stay interested and wanting more and because we both want you to get the most out of your videos?

A good caption is worth a thousand clicks. Not only in your video but also the caption you send with it. It’s always good to ask questions or tease a little in your concisely written caption; this will encourage more shares and increase views.

Our knowledge.

We are happy to share our knowledge, expertise, and experience to help you achieve the perfect video. Below we’ve drafted a few things we picked up along the way.

The law of attraction.

When someone tells you a story, you’re more likely to believe it when it is told to you in person then, for example, in an e-mail. We humans, we are social beings. We look at other people and subconsciously match each other’s emotions. It’s called mirroring. In a sense, we’re continually leaking our emotions to one another. And these emotions are often found in our facial expressions.

Did you know that facial expressions are essential to social communication between humans? Fun fact: we can make over 20 distinct facial expressions. How cool are we? I know, right?! The actors we work with are experts in making facial expressions and thereby communicating precisely the right tone for your message.

It’s safe to say that a video builds trust, which forms the foundation of conversion and, ultimately, sales.

When you’ve gained trust, people will come.

Love, trust and rankings.

Always wanted a deep and meaningful relationship with Google? You’re in the right place because Google loves video content. We all want a high rank in search engines and excellent visibility, so why not get in the game and be rewarded by Google right now?

How it works: videos allow you to increase the time spent by visitors on your website. Therefore, more prolonged exposure builds trust and, at the same time, signals search engines (like Google) that your site has excellent content.

Reach the perfect video-length.

We know you love what you do, so do we. We could talk about our work for hours and hours and then a little more, but when you want to keep your audience engaged and avoid them clicking away, you have to keep it short.

Our attention span is narrowing as we speak and will continue to do so. It’s ok; we can’t help it, content in the online world keeps increasing in volume, which wears out our attention and at the same time, our desire for newness causes us to switch between topics more frequently and diversely. So we have to adapt, we need to focus more on the essentials, in less time.

Trust us; it’s possible to fit your message in one minute and still be effective. Just stick to an average of 125 words, and you’re good to go.

Keep in mind, if you are too elaborate on the thing you love: you kill your darlings.

Be there and be square.

While we’re at it, we might as well lift the veil a little further to optimize mobile views even more. We now know that your mobile device and videos have an even deeper relationship than you thought, so we’re going to nudge those two a little closer.

Our default video format is widescreen 16:9, which is perfect for laptops and desktops. If your audience is mostly on mobile, you’ll want to consider square videos because square format generates the most optimal user experience, as it works without having to rotate your device. Makes sense, right? Let us know in the briefing if you want your videos to be square. In this way, your videos will be optimized for multiple devices.

Sharing is caring.

Let’s add another layer of good stuff to this impressive cake: video also encourages social shares. And guess who also loves social shares? Yes, that includes your aunt and her crazy cat videos, but even more important: Google!

Social shares are mainly shared via mobile devices, which is great because video and mobile go hand in hand. In essence, approximately 90% of consumers watch videos on their mobile, and almost 50% of all videos are viewed on mobile devices.